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Body Mounts that fit TRX-4M

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These body mounts are compatible with the TRX-4M to easily fit all Iceberg RC bodies and any Hardbodies!

Allowing you to mount your new body in minutes! Our body mounts fit directly against the chassis without the need for further hardware.

These mounts are two piece parts, one piece to attach to the frame as a mount support. Second piece is the mount itself that allows you to adjust your body ride height. 

Magnets secure the body to your chassis while crawling and allow you to slide the body off to swap batteries in seconds and get back to the action.

Now supplied with 3M VHB 5952 double sided foam tape to attach the magnets to the body!

Save $5 when you buy a body with mounts!

 Sizing: (all Mounts can be trimmed by 10mm)

  • Short -4 x 19mm mounts for both front and rear
    • Suitable for all Iceberg pick up's
  • Standard - includes a 40mm Rear mount and 2 x 19mm Front mounts
    • Suitable for the Blazer, Cherokee, Eagle, Ram charger, pathfinder, 4Runner
  • Tall -includes a 60mm Rear mount and 2 x 19mm Front Mounts
    • Suitable for Iceberg's Bronco and Samurai

 Includes 8x Neodynium Magnets

*In the photos, I've used the screws from the bumper mount to act as grub screws.

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