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Shipping & Returns


$7.99 Shipping Flat rate Worldwide Tracked for any order containing a body or 3 parts.  

$4.99 Shipping on orders containing less than 3 parts

Free Shipping on orders over $85 - Use code 'Free Ship' at check out

Estimated Shipping Times: Expected to take 6-12 Days 

We ship all orders within 2 business days.  

Does your body have a manufacturers defect? We stand behind our products and will warranty any defective parts we make. Unfortunately due to the nature of RC Crawling, we cannot accept returns that have been mounted, used or painted. 

Typical FAQ's


There are various ways to mount the bodies to the SCX24 platform. Depending on preference, everything from using a combination of stock mounts, magnets, velcro, hood pins, etc.. can be used.

Minor modifications may be needed.


$10 worldwide shipping on all bodies, $5 shipping on up to 2 parts.

USA: 6-12 Business days

UK: 1-3 Business days

Worldwide: 10-15 Business days


Alll bodies come with overspray masks

We provide window templates on sticker backed sheets to help mark out your paint lines. Please use them templates on painters tape to mask the widows and other lines.

All Iceberg RC bodies should be washed prior to painting. Make sure to test your paint on a sample section.

Poly Carbonate RC Paint is recommended

How do we make our bodies?


Design is done in house from start to finish. It all starts by creating a digital design based off the SCX24 wheelbase, while aiming to keep vehicle proportions and scale. The design is then 3D printed and worked in order to create a 'Buck' to use in the thermoforming process.


The design is then 3D printed and worked in order to create a 'Buck' to use in the thermoforming process.

The bodies are then handcrafted with a vacuum form machine which takes the shape of the 'Buck'

Due to the handcrafted nature of the bodies, minor imperections are unavoidable.


After rigorous testing both the final product and the manufacturing process, we use 0.5mm sheets of UV restistant PETG to form our bodies. Although technically not as strong as PolyCarbonate, this material captures great details in the forming process and will withstand a rigourous beating while out crawling.

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