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Whether you're out to maximise performance and wheel clearance for crawling or aiming to win the next Ultra 24 comp, our HammerKing body has you covered!

Based of the Ultra 4 Ford Bronco! Keeping performance in mind and without losing too may scale points, it features a pinched front end, a dove-tail rear and an almost identical footprint to other comp bodies. 

It's our smallest and lightest weight body, weighing in around 16 grams

Best used with our Standard sized magnetic body mounts making sure you get that perfect ride height!

Save $5 when adding magnetic body mounts to any body order!

  • Custom Vacuum Formed in house
  • 3D Print Grill available
  • Grill and light stickers included
  • Transparent Body ready to paint
  • Vinyl paint masks included
  • Stickers and tint set included
  • Overspray Film Applied
  • All Bodies are sold Clear and unpainted

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