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Chevy Truck

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This Chevy runs deep and long!

Our K20 Long box based Chevy Truck body matches perfectly to the wheelbase of your Axial SCX24 Gladiator chassis and fits nicely on your Traxxas TRX-4M!

Save $5 when adding magnetic body mounts to any body order!

Short Body Mounts

  • Vacuum Formed in house
  • Designed for the LWB chassis of the scx24 gladiator
  • 3D print grill available
  • With some tinkering, the stock gladiator body mounts can be used
  • Vinyl Grill and Light stickers included
  • Vinyl painting masks
  • Exterior sticker sheet including window tint
  • Overspray Film Applied
  • All Bodies are sold Clear and unpainted


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